VJ resources


This page is dedicated to my friends and colleages in the VJ community.

LightLab Lemur
This is the interface I wrote to use Liine Lemur with Resolume over OSC. Set the ports on Lemur and Resolume to 8000, and set the IP addresses of your devices accordingly, and it works. Some of the commands are mapped to a effect number, meaning, the first 5 or 6 effects on the composition and the first effect on the layers cannot be moved. The rest of them are all linked to specific commands or dashboard controls, which you can set to whatever you want.
Lemur interface
Resolume composition
Lemur for iOS
Lemur for Android

Linsn LED RCG Files
The password to all of these zips is www.linsnled.com
These can be found on linsnled.com but I keep them here as a mirror in case their website goes down.

P2 indoor
P2.5 indoor
P3 indoor
P3.91 indoor
P4 indoor
P4.81 indoor
P5 indoor
P6 indoor
P6.25 indoor
P7.62 indoor
P10 indoor

P4 outdoor
P4.81 outdoor
P5 outdoor
P6 outdoor
P8 outdoor
P10 ourdoor
P12 outdoor
P16 outdoor