Specializing in LED video panels in stage production and designs utilizing to make your event stand out. Whether you are looking for a setup to make your event shine, or are interested in complementing an existing stage setup, we will work with you to provide individually customized plans to suit your needs. Based in St. Louis, MO, we offer a selection of LED video panel setups to display either static graphics or animated logos for your company event, live music, or performance settings. In addition to hardware, our skilled technicians are experienced in live-video mixing to match music as well as mapping and designing LED light shows to emphasize performances and energize crowds. With our technicians' years of experience working for shows, set-ups and tear-downs are straightforward and can be done without interfering with talent or or other equipment on stage. LightLab's professional employees are easy to work with and quick-thinking to overcome any obstacles to make your event's setup as smooth as possible - letting you focus on organizing your event as needed.


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