Sk8 Liborious

St Liborius Church, St. Louis, MO 63106

DKSTL presents Home for the Holidays

DKSTL Presents: Home for the Holidays

Join us for a special night as we bring together some of our favorite artists from around the country to play in one of the most unique locations we’ve seen in years. We cannot wait to share the experience with you, our family. You are the reason we do what we do We are one big family and there is nothing like being for the holidays. For those of you who know us, we cannot wait to see you again. For those of you who don’t, we are sure that you will find people and a place to make you feel at home!

Date and time:
December 26th 9:00pm-6:00am (that’s right, 6am! Come early, stay late or come late and stay even later!)

1850 Hogan St. Saint Louis, Missouri, 63106

>>>FOREST GREEN<<< San Fransisco Cute Fang Recordings Forest Green spins Techno, Electro, House, Rave, Minimal, Micro, IDM and various derivatives of all other electronic dance music. She’s been a music collecting addict for over 26 years. She’s been DJing professionally since 1996. Expect to hear only the freshest jamz, as she searches high and low for the most cutting edge, floor shaking, booty quaking EDM the world has to offer, and brings it straight to you! >>>SUBSONIK<<< Trance and Bass Oklahoma City Formation Records / Technique Records / The World of Drum & Bass Combining his love of both Trance and Drum & Bass, his musical output mixes the epic melodies and atmospherics of the former and the punchy breakbeats and weighty bass of the latter to devastating effect. >>>The Flying Almaria Brothers<<< Funky House Blend Chicago, IL KARL ALMARIA Nü | Spork | Asian Bodybuilding Club & MARK ALMARIA Bunchlox | Carizma | IHR | Asian Bodybuilding Club MARK ALMARIA At some point during any conversation about top DJs of the Midwest electronic music scene you are guaranteed to hear the name Mark Almaria. This showstopper is a Midwest mainstay for a reason. His precise, action-packed mixing style is often imitated, never duplicated. Combining feel-good house vibes with a no-nonsense approach to DJing, Mark has proven his skills time and again, cementing his place among Chicago's DJ elite. Mark has made hundreds of DJ performances and countless mixtape / CD appearances in boom boxes and car stereos since the mid 90's. A prominent figure in the golden years of the Midwest rave scene, Mark is no stranger to the Chicago club scene either. He has performed at most of the Windy City's legendary venues including Smartbar, Crobar, Karma, Spy Bar, Metro, Red Dog, Rednofive, Shelter, and Vision as well as holding down residencies at Convent, Dock 5, and Paladrome. In addition to playing across the US, Mark has also had international gigs in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Bolivia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. After spending many years perfecting his mixing technique, Mark ventured into the world of music production. Mark's "Abstract Beatdown EP" on IHR caught the attention (and record box space) of many DJ heavyweights including Bad Boy Bill, Charles Feelgood, Donald Glaude, and DJ Dan. One track from the EP, "The Alarm" was licensed for the "KS02" mix compilation by Detroit techno legend Kevin Saunderson. His last release on Bunchlox, "Uh Huh" received big-name support from DJs such as DJ Heather, J-Dub, Mark Farina, Miles Maeda, and Yousef. KARL ALMARIA Whether it’s spinning alone, at a bar for 15 people, or at an event for 1500 people, Karl is simply a DJ at heart that enjoys it all. “Yeah, there’s nothing like creating a vibe and connecting with a receptive crowd…but there’s also something special about connecting with the music alone.” Early on, Karl was content listening to mix tapes, collecting records, and spinning at home. However, it wasn’t long before others took notice. With plenty of encouragement from friends, he began playing out on a regular basis. 15+ years DJ experience, a creative mixing style, and on-point track selection have now taken him to DJ gigs in 19 USA states and as far away as the Philippines. He maintains an ever-growing booking schedule which has included several residencies in his hometown of Chicago and beyond. On occasion, he performs as a duo with his brother Mark Almaria as The Flying Almaria Brothers. Karl may be still under the radar for some, but he has amassed a decent-sized worldwide base of appreciative fans. >>>TOMFOOLERY<<< Orlando Catalytic Souls From the beaches of Miami to the sands of the Playa and any number of fields, forests, clubs, barns and warehouses in between, Tomfoolery can be found delivering chunky cuts of breaks to the masses. The sound of TomFoolery is expressed as bass music with a conscious intent of healing and mind expansion. As founder of CatalyticSouls, TomFoolery aided in the forming of a collective with the mission of “evolving consciousness.” CatalyticSouls has hosted a myriad of events unifying people in the positive vibrations of music including the famed UnderGround Sound series. TomFoolery’s music has been heard on internet radio, terrestrial radio, cd, and via download around the world. Lending to the global pool of DJ singles, TomFoolery’s pioneering production and collaborations for the CatalyticSouls REC label regularly land his name on the Beatport charts. Recent years have seen a myriad of projects including, Unter Lieben, Hugues, Dalek, & Acid Gangstas on labels such as Drop the World, Dirty Fabric, & Communique. While much of TomFoolery’s music can be found online, the best way to understand the TomFoolery experience is to be a part of it. >>>PEPE<<< Drum and Bass Denver Sub.mission >>>DYSPHONIX<<< Techno St. Louis >>> BLAKE LAS aka DJ TEK-9<<< Dubstep, Trance, & Trap Chicago Décor by Less Than 3 Designs: Lightlab Stage Productions Added!! Brought to you by Dkstlproductions LLC: Presales available here: 18 to enter 21 to drink please bring valid ID PLUR and ROAR in full effect so be nice! (FRIENDLY NICE SECURITY ON HAND WILL BE THERE TO ENSURE YOUR SAFETY!) Facebook event